Our Research

The SHINE Group research focus on aberrations in the vascular compartment in patients with acute critical illness resulting in shock induced endotheliopathy (SHINE) with multiorgan failure and strategies to mitigate this dreaded complication based on metabolic systems analysis.

Within transfusion medicine we focus on patients with severe/complex bleedings and how to goal-direct haemostatic resuscitation to the individual patient’s whole blood haemostatic phenotype, an approach entitled the “Copenhagen Concept”.

Another important research focus concerns how to improve the biological compatibility between the blood donor and the transfused patient using network analysis applied to the human protein-protein interactome and coupled to “big” data from registries.


2013-2019           FP7-HEALTH-2013-INNOVATION-1-602771                                                                   TACTIC

2018-2023           Innovation Fund Denmark ”Grand Solutions”                                                                 COMBAT-SHINE

2018-2022           Independent Research Fund Denmark                                                                             COMBAT-SHINE

2019-2022           Novo Nordisk Foundation Investigator Trials                                                                 SHINE-TRAUMA

2019-2022           Danish Regions “Medicinpuljen”                                                                                       SHINE-TRAUMA

2019-2022           Rigshospitalet´s 3-year grant – METABO                                                                       SHINE-TRAUMA